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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Breadmaking Class

Note added: You do not have to bring me a meal to learn to bake bread...sorry if that was implied! I just know some of you will be here and I'm offering to make it more convenient to you since you'll already be here!

Don't think that I, being told to slow down and put my feet up, would give up teaching. Of course, we're still homeschooling, but here's what I'm offering - a 20 minute class on how to make this bread I've been RAVING about lately. Seriously.

The Boss has okayed it. In fact, I know some of you plan to bring me a meal. Let me thank you by sending you home with bread, dough and instructions. I'm going to be desperate for friendly contact in the next couple of months and while I'm not on FULL bed rest, I would like to show you how to do this and I've done the curriculum plan.

It would only take me 20 minutes. Bring your kids because mine will be lonely. You will leave with a bucket of dough and a loaf of bread. Here's what we'll do:

  • We'll take your hot loaf out that will go home with you.
  • We'll mix up your bucket.
  • We'll form a loaf for my family's dinner AND I'll show you how to slip a loaf into the oven that has already been rising (which will stay here and be bread for my family as well).

I get two loaves out of the deal and you'll go home with one loaf cooked and enough dough for 4 more loaves ready to go. You have to bring your own bucket, though (or large container that will hold 5 Qts.) I will help you with the master dough, which uses white flour. The whole wheat is more complicated and I will probably take a short hiatus from making wheat bread, especially if I go on full bed rest.

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  1. When is the class, Ms. Scholar?

    And was that email I received true? You and Baby are in better shape than you thought? This is wonderful!!!

    Call me when you have a chance.