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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is Dottie Mae

Excuse me while I wipe away my tears...

The mother of this baby made the ultimate sacrifice.  Yes, she was a single mom.  Yes, she probably made some bad choices, but ultimately, she made a wonderful choice.  Instead of seeking treatment for a brain tumor, she chose LIFE.  She only got to hold her baby once.  She died three days later.
I can't write anymore. You can read it here.   Video starts automatically, so if you are working or don't want to disturb anyone, hit the pause button while it loads and read the text.

I want to thank my husband for always being pro-life and respecting that precious being inside of me when I've been pregnant, even though there have been risks and complications.   And, when they were unexpected (but never a surprise.)  This mom wasn't so lucky.  She didn't have a supportive spouse.  She did, however have a great brother.  God bless them.