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Sunday, September 13, 2009

In persona Christi

We recently switched parishes for a WIDE variety of reasons, but mostly convenience. I have been so tired with a new little one in the house, I'm finding I can't get everyone ready for Mass on time, let alone do it cheerfully. We have a lovely Catholic church 5 minutes from our house. We prayed and searched our souls and finally decided to switch from our beloved Orthodox Catholic Parish to the more convenient, modern Parish down the street. This was a tough decision for us, one that comes up often as a point of conversation between my husband and me.

Last Wednesday we began a journey. We will be taking the next 9 months to study the bible using the Jeff Cavin's Timeline series at our new parish. Are we excited about this? Well, YES! I'm excited because both Kevin and I can study something we both feel our Post Vatican II Catechesis lacked - a study of the Bible.

What is even more exciting is that our new parish is offering this on Wednesday nights and the children are learning the same materials, but on their level. They will enjoy using the Timeline for Kids and the Teens will be using the T3 Timeline. They are also offering child care for the 1yr old to 5 yr old crowd, so parents can actually attend without distraction. Our Wednesday night adventure begins with dinner at 6:00pm. We were excited to go and my Testy Tiger was indeed wound up and ready to go (but isn't he always?)

Let me tell you about Testy Tiger. He doesn't do anything small. He does everything big. He eats big, naps big (3 hrs at a pop), yells big, hits big, screams big, he even argues big...well you get the idea. He's a very, in-your-face kind of 4 year old. He needs lots of guidance and I pray he will get much from his guardian angel when I'm not available to provide it. Well, Testy Tiger will greet you big, too! He loves to say, "Hi" to anyone. Never mind the whole "don't talk to stranger's thing." He doesn't care. He's also quick to tell everyone about his new adorable sister.

Last Wednesday, when we arrived, our priest was greeting folks as they came in for dinner. He saw Father and RAN to him. I caught up, blushing. I said, "Do you know who this is?"
Testy tiger smiled the biggest smile and said, "Yes, that's Jesus." Father was ear-to-ear smiles. I blushed again and said, "You know, Father, in persona Christi?" and hauled him to our table. It was so sweet and I don't know why I was embarrassed. The whole room heard, because, well, Testy Tiger does everything BIG.

Fast forward to Mass today. I'm sitting in the cry room at the new parish with Little Woman (my faithful helper), Testy Tiger, Tinkerdoodle and the Wee One. Father started his homily about how he received two special graces last Wednesday. He proceeded to tell the story of how Testy Tiger came and called him Jesus. First, he was so thankful for that reminder. Second, he was touched by his enthusiasm and it also reminded him that in the development of a child, they perceive things differently. To Testy Tiger, who sees Father twice a week, Father is Jesus. Father was humbled and thankful for the reminder.

And Me? I was proud and no longer embarrassed. Testy Tiger is called to be BIG. Why? Because he's four.

p.s. My husband and I think Testy Tiger is destined to be a priest. When he get's control of all that energy, I think he will have "what it takes" to defend our faith.