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Thursday, January 26, 2012

For all the sesquipedalians out there...

I hope you all enjoy this as much as my family did, word nerds that we are!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Death of Pretty

I'm extremely conservative, especially when it comes to fashion.  I also mourn The Death of Pretty
I understand it though, and see society's affects even on the Catholic Homeschool Girl.  Not mine, mind you.  She hasn't hit that milestone yet. 
But, I'm bothered when I see Catholic Homeschooled Girls as they pass puberty pitching pretty in favor of Hot.   I remember seeing one girl in particular, who the year before was this very pretty preteen.  Somewhere, she blossomed if you know what I mean.  She turned up in a tight pair of jeggings, knee-high, black high-heeled boots with a snug fitting v-neck sweater.  She had on eyeliner, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick (or deeply colored lip gloss).  She looked like a model out of Victoria Secrets.  While stunning, what hit me was she was no long pretty.  She was hot.  I was thankful that my sons were not there.
I see it with other girls, too.  I know this isn't coming from their moms.  I know their moms and some of them are great friends of mine who have shared the same concerns.  So, all I can guess is that it is society.  And, listen up Feminists.  It's not men's fault.  Here's what hit me over the head the hardest in the article:

Of course men play a role in this as well, but women should know better and they once did.  Once upon a time you would hear girls talk about kind of women men date and the kind they marry.  You don’t hear things like that anymore.
But here is the real truth.  Most men prefer pretty over hot.  Even back in 6th grade I hated the “hot” Olivia Newton John and felt sorry for her that she had to debase herself in such a way.  Still do.
Our problem is that society doesn’t value innocence anymore, real or imagined.  Nobody aspires to innocence anymore.  Nobody wants to be thought of as innocent, the good girl.  They want to be hot, not pretty.
I still hope that pretty comes back, although I think it not likely any time soon.  For every Taylor Swift, there are a hundred Megan Foxs, or Lindsay Lohans, or Miley Cyruses etc.
Girls, please, bring back the pretty.

Here is a modesty video that discusses the Catholic Church's stance on modesty:

Here’s a survey of young men, rating how women’s dress affects them.