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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Picky Toddler/Gluten Free Rut!

My picky three year old who is wheat, dairy and egg free is driving me crazy.  We're into food jags these days where he will not try anything new.  Now, to be fair, I believe that those other foods really wreaked havoc on his digestive system, so he is probably understandably cautious with food.

The foods he's obsessing over lately are:
Rice noodles w/ spaghetti sauce
Dairy Free/Wheat Free macaroni and cheese (crazy, huh?)
Baked Beans
Chicken drumsticks baked with seasoning salt

I always try to make a meal for him that is similar to what we eat, but that isn't always possible.  We can pull it off most of the time, though.  Thanks to the GF/EF/DF Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a day, I have been able to make cinnamon rolls, french toast sticks and monkey bread with the sweet dough.  With the savory dough, I make bread, bread sticks, pita bread and pizza crust.  Strangely enough, he will eat it as pizza dough, but will not eat it as bread sticks, pita or bread.  I keep trying though.

Tomorrow tacos are on the menu for lunch.  Your guess is as good as mine as to whether he will eat them.  I did find a really good cheese substitute called Daiya that seems agreeable to him.  He doesn't care for the soy or rice cheese substitutes, but I can't blame them. They look like melted plastic when cooked in grilled cheese or pizza. 

I think we'll fall back on pizza tonight since some folks aren't home.  It's easy, thanks to the Artisan Bread dough (both his and the regular wheat).  Roll dough, add sauce, cheese and toppings.  Into a hot oven and pizza - nice and hot!

Stay warm!

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  1. O.K. This may be a double because something weird just happened here.

    I'm going to try the cheese you mentioned (having something on hand already shredded would be nice for when we are in a real hurry). But, if you haven't already tried Mt. Sterling Goat cheese, and if your son can handle the goat cheese, you might want to try this. Some dairy allergic people cannot handle goat cheese because it's so similar...but I am probably preaching to the choir on that one :)

    My allergy free kids will normally NOT eat dairy free cheese and stuff because it is...well...to put it nicely...not as good.

    But, I have to forbid the others from eating this stuff up. It's about $4 for 16 oz. It shreds well, melts great, and is wonderful plain!


    I buy it from a local store. If you are interested just email me and I'll tell you where (just didn't want to break your anonymity here.)