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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Daughter Got Her First Big Break!!!

Actually, two!  My eleven year old daughter's ulna and radius both broke today after taking a fall while ice skating.  She's got a great attitude, though.  She was the center of attention when she came home today with x-rays (to take to the pediatrician), a sling and a splinted arm.  Her arms is pretty swollen right now, so she can't get a cast until the swelling goes down.

Say a prayer for me because I will be her personal assistant at least until the cast is on next week.  Then we'll see how she does using her left instead of her right!

On a brighter note, the Mr. Willoughby that helped her in was dreamy! She didn't notice, but I did!


  1. Oh no! Poor Sweetie!

    Lucky you, though, with Mr. Willoughby. :)

    Please tell her we're praying for her.

  2. PS. And while we're on a Jane Austen kick, have I ever told you that your husband reminds me of Colin Firth?

  3. Oh goodness - hope she's better soon!