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Friday, April 8, 2011

In Loving Memory

I don't have time to post a photo that could do him justice.  A picture would not be able to show how beautiful and amazing he was.

I'm sorry my blog has been rather sad lately.  It's not about to end right now.

At 7:11 am Wednesday, I received a call from my older (only) sister.  She was calling to tell me her 45 year old husband died at 2:45am.  John has had Type 1 Diabetes for over 30 years.  He's managed it magnificently with diet, exercise and diligence.  My sister has always helped make sure all that was possible, supporting him in any way she could.  So while he had an illness, it had never had the best of him.

John was a fabulous individual with the most incredible sense of humor.  He and my sister were parents to five spectacular kids - a 17 year old daughter and four (yes, quadruplets) 14 year olds, two boys and two girls.  I think that alone would qualify you for sainthood - raising quadruplets with a girl three years older.

I could gush about how John would drop everything if you needed help, or how he would drop a joke, just when it was needed or even how he could bake a pie better than anyone I know.  That would not, could not tell you even a little bit about him.   He was an amazing man...a marathon runner, church elder, gardener extraordinaire, a wonderful supporting husband and father.  And still that doesn't touch the surface.

My blog will probably be quiet for quite a while as I help my sister through this, as much as she will let me.  Please pray for the repose of John's soul and for my sister and her family.

UPDATED WITH PHOTO:  John loved babies.  Here he is, loving my two youngest boys.

We used to kid John that his lack of hair only made him look younger, not older.

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