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Thursday, April 14, 2011

For love, if real, has no end

Even though there were tornado warnings in the area on Sunday, there were probably 700 people that came to pay their respects to my sister and her children.  On Monday, that number was probably 500.  The entire church was full with folding chairs everywhere and an extra 100 or so outside in the vestibule (where the 700 stood to wait to talk to my sister.)

While I find comfort in the Requiem Mass, there was a "memorial service" to celebrate my brother-in-law's life.  There were a few Bible verses read, some preaching from the two pastors at their church, beautiful music, recollections by family and friends (including my husband).  It was a lovely way to remember him but for me, it still feels unfinished.

My take away is that God is Love and whether there was a "memorial service" or a Requiem Mass, the end result is the same.  What my sister needed was the memorial service to say goodbye as did her kids.  Her five kids and their exchange students all went up and read a letter they had written to their dad.  They were followed by my sister.  She didn't cry.  She is a rock.  She thanked everyone for everything...for coming to the service, the flowers, the food (that they have needed to move over to their neighbors because they are out of room) but most of all for the outpouring of love.  She finished off with a song (that she spoke of, not sang) that we sang together at funerals. She and I were often called to sing at our small town parish for weekend Mass or other services. 

Like a Seal on Your Heart by Carey Landry
Based on the Song of Songs 8:6-7

Set me like a  seal on your heart
Like a seal on your arm
Set me like a  seal on your heart
How right it is to love you

1)For love is stronger that death
Stronger even than Hell.
The flash of it is a flash of fire
A flame of the Lord Himself.

2)Come, then, my love,
Come, my beloved.
No flood can quench our love,
For love, if real, has no end.

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