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Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 1 results: 2.5 lbs down!

I stuck with my plan this whole week of only eating if I was truly hungry (tummy growling or hunger pangs).  That meant no between meal eating AT ALL unless I was truly hungry.  I know not everyone can rely on hunger signs.  Thankfully, I don't have a problem with knowing when I need to eat and not eat.  That doesn't work for everyone.  My sister and I did the same "weighdown workshop" ten years ago and it did not work for her but it did for me.  I am a rather distract-able person, so calorie counting and food journaling don't work for me.  I firmly believe you have to go with what works for YOU.  This method works for me.  There are some rules, but not a lot.

Here's the first rule. You don't eat unless you are hungry.  Second rule is that you cut sandwiches, pizza slices, etc., in half to make sure you really are hungry for all of it.  Portioning at restaurants is absurd.  In order to justify charging you $7 for a burger, they make it HUGE because it cost them about $.50 more to make it huge, but reality is they need to pay for lights, electricity, staff and rent which bumps up the cost of the burger much more than the supplies to make the burger.  When you are at home, you use smaller servings.  The other rules are: you eat whatever you want (you behave, don't make the food behave by eating only low fat or low cal foods) and drink when you are thirsty (and make sure you are truly hungry not thirsty before you eat).

I will update weekly.  To reach my goal weight, I need to drop my body fat by 8% and/or lose about another 25-30 pounds.  I'm already down 40 pounds from last year.

So, first week - 2.5lbs off...I'm sorry.  I'm not willing to reveal my actual weight.  You'll have to just use your imagination!


  1. Congratulations! Keep it up! (or down)

  2. im proud of you daughter its not easy ...

  3. I'm proud of you, too! You look GREAT but--more importantly--you most likely feel great.

    And that's pretty darn important.

    See you tomorrow! Which, in ten minutes, will be today. I need to go to bed now.