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Monday, August 23, 2010

So Delicious

Did you know there is coconut milk yogurt out there now?? Yes there is!!! It's aptly named "So Delicious".  And, the three year old loved it! I have to take his word for it since it has rice in it.  Now, it's $1.89 a container.  He won't be getting it often, but whoo-hoo!  If I could just figure out how to make my own.  I've seen lots of yogurt recipes with regular milk...

Time for a google search!

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  1. I tried the "So Delicious" brand of coconut milk beverage this weekend. We thought it was pretty good and a big improvement over soy milk. They sell it (also the Coconut Bliss ice cream, which I wasn't going to buy for my non-allergic family at 6.95/pt) at the Wedge Co-op in South Mpls.