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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 2: Wheat free

I'm trying serve my three year old the same food (not from the same source) that everyone else is having. 
Here was his intake today:
Cream of Rice cereal and a banana (other kids had choice of bagel and cream cheese or hot cereal)
Tea with Rice Dream and Agave Nectar
2 BRM Gluten Free Pancakes w/ strawberries and syrup
1/2 a glass of Apple Juice
GF Pizza with Veggie Slice of Mozzarella on top
Rice Dream with Nesquick

My biggest challenge is getting enough protein into this kid.  What do you do with a kid who can't eat dairy or eggs, doesn't like most meat and we have a significant enough peanut/tree nut allergy that we can't do nut butters?  Help?  Anyone?

So, it's only day 2, but here are some observations:
1) He didn't act lethargic all day
2) He was cheerful most of the day
3) His BM was solid and he didn't cry about having to go potty
4) His eczema looks exactly the same


  1. Quinoa's a complete protein, of course, so you could try getting a full serving of that into him every day. Maybe as a sweetened hot cereal, with maple syrup and coconut? Are you skipping oats too (the use of oats is controversial in the GF community, as you know)

    Start experimenting with bean and grain dishes. And start looking for meat dishes he does like, and when you find them, offer them frequently -- like if you can find three protein dishes he will eat, put one of those on the table every night. I'm sure you know that a 3yo doesn't need LOTS of protein.

    What about sun butter or tahini? And legumes -- can you do hummus, or pea butter?

    By the way, we want a play date next week. Are you around?

  2. We'll be trying quinoa pasta as the last couple of times I tried to get him to eat hot quinoa as a cereal went down in flames. He spit it out, and wanted to wash his mouth out. I'm still on the fence about skipping oats. I'll see how he does with cream of rice. He's not liking it as much as oatmeal, but he might just need to "forget" what oatmeal is like.

    As far as sunbutter goes, the last time he had it (two weeks ago) he had a reaction directly after he ate it. He had a profusely runny nose, hives and wheezing. I don't know if it was the sunbutter or not. He got a dose of Benedryl and was better afterward. We'll try sunbutter again this week to see if he reacts in the same manner.

    Next week is crazy. I am having a garage sale and I need the week for prep. How about the week after?

  3. Sure. I start school 8/30 and it would be fun to cram a visit (or park date?) into our last week of summer.