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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Baking

It's my favorite season - Advent, or as renamed at our house Christmas Baking Time! That's my house there, with the snow man out front.

Money's tight this year (isn't it for everyone?), so instead of giving gifts that add to the clutter, I'm giving out some baked goods. Once they are gone, there is not more clutter (except maybe on the body if you eat too much ;-). So, it has started.

Now, being Catholic and really, for the first time just a few years ago, understanding what Advent was all about, my baking doesn't start until sometime after Gaudete' Sunday. I usually wait until the 4th Sunday, unless Christmas falls directly after that.

So, what are we giving this year? Well, I'm only doing a few gifts for folks outside the family. I really haven't had the energy (6 kids, remember?) or the time (6 kids, remember?) to make something for everyone I would love to gift. Here's our list:

Our "grandparent" neighbors across the street and next door and the one homeschooling family down the street and the girlie's Choir teachers:
My nieces and nephews:
For Christmas here and a 2nd day of Christmas party:

*These will create an edible Christmas village. The kids do ALL of it themselves. I pitch in if asked.

I will try to get back here and post some pictures, but I'm sure you can click on the links and see MOST of the pictures.

May you all have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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