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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unexcused Absence

Renamed - Unexcused Absence.
I apologize for my absence.  Life has, I'm afraid, caught up with me.  After my surgery in August, complications that followed, school starting and me, not feeling better, blogging has fallen to the back burner.  I must admit that I really haven't had the gumption.  Want to know something?  I'm behind on everything:  school, reading, writing, teaching.  Everything including email.  Before surgery, I had a few unread emails in my inbox.  Right now there are 789. Yup.  789.  And, since I'm not still not feeling quite up to par, consider this my notice that I will be only blogging over at my other blog only for a while.  I'll try to shoot back here around Advent.

Take care!


  1. Ditto....take care of yourself first! And remember....you can only do what you can. When Emily was so sick a couple years ago everything fell apart. School was haphazard - if they could do something on their own they did if not - it didn't get done. That went on for months. Emily became unschooled that entire year. Everything turned out fine. I know you know the numbers....your kids will be fine. This just might be the year they do a lot of reading (those that can)- you might be amazed what they learn. You are in my prayers. (and one email was from me....problem resolved....there is one you can delete when you run across it)