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Thursday, May 24, 2012

It can't be..

That fourteen years ago my wildest dream came true.  I had a baby.  Not just any baby.  The perfect baby for me (okay, and for my husband, too.)  After a tortuous delivery and very painful repair job, I got to hold him-this little perfect man.
That was then, this is now.
What a miracle!
My husband and I were told after countless fertility tests that we would have no children.  We should consider IVF (nope), adoption (maybe).  What we didn't know was that on the day of that discussion, I was four days pregnant with this young man!
You will find no finer boy.  He's sweet, kind, funnier than just about anyone I know, and he tries so hard to be brave.  For me.  He got braces today.  Aren't I the world's worst mom?  I hope he won't hold it against me.
Ice cream and home made donuts were his breakfast.   A sword and miniature digital video recorder were his presents.  Red Robin for dinner last night because we knew his mouth would be too sore tonight.  So, tonight it was an Instant Breakfast shake for dinner.  I must say I made one other mistake.  He almost cried when he saw what I made for dinner (one of his favorites).  I felt rotten.  It builds character, right?
Happy birthday, my dear gift-from-God!

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