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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The shortest of posts...

...just to say that since school has started and my computer has started to die (and I'm just too busy to set up the new one), I haven't had time to blog.

The three year old continues to have eczema that bleeds because it's so itchy.  His geographic tongue looks better, but not completely healed.  All his food needs to be made separate from everybody else's because of his wheat, dairy and egg allergy...

I'm crabby as all get out because all people under the age of 5 have been destructive.  Baby learned to unload all the clothes out of the dressers in our family closet/laundry room.  A baby lock has since been installed on the door with express instructions that the baby is only allowed in for diaper changes.  She also regularly unloads all the books and magazines at her level.  My kids are getting really good at sorting.
On the bright side, and I want to thank GOD for Chocolate Emporium for peanut free and dairy free M&M-wannabees.  For those with allergy issues, you might want to check them out....and Illuminated Ink for there beautiful products which have kept antsy girls at bay.


  1. Prayers are heading your way. Any one of the issues you mentioned are a lot in and of themselves, add homeschooling, and you can certainly get one stressed mama. Sounds like feeding your little guy is your top priority right now......everything else will fall into place as God sees planned. No one can do it all :)

    Thanks for the dairy free chocolate candy link....you've made a couple kids very happy here!

  2. It did my heart good to see you today, as brief as our visit was, alas. And that little man nestled in the crook of your arms? Oh my goodness, he touched my heart.

    I will offer up my holy hour for your family's intentions tomorrow morning.