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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No, I'm not pregnant...

I had serious concerns that I was pregnant on Sunday.  We were at a picnic and boy, did I have nausea.  The kind that usually only comes from one source.  I was tired.  I had a massive headache...and my monthly bill had not yet arrived.  What was it?  I knew I couldn't be pregnant, given what I know about my cycle (unless God had other plans).  What caused it?

Stress caused the delay in the cycle.  But the other stuff?  Duh!  I started a very mild liver cleanse two weeks ago because I'd dropped several medications that I really no longer needed and I wanted the remains OUT of my body.  I'd also given up aspartame seven months ago and figured that some of the garbage may still have been in my system.

What caused the illness that looked like pregnancy?  A healing crisis, I think...My body finally flushed all the yuck out of my systems and temporarily sent it into my blood stream only to be flushed away (if you get my drift).   However, in the process, my system went EEKKK!  POISON!!!

While I was nauseous, headache-y and tired on Sunday, Monday was 10 times worse.  School was modified to a 2/3 day schedule (we'll make up the balance on Friday afternoon).  I took two naps.  I took an epsom salt/baking soda bath.  I used a caster oil pack on my tummy.  I drank peppermint tea.  I drank about a gallon of water.  This morning only the headache remained.  Strangely, it is still going in and out.  I have already downed 64 oz. of water because I just can't get enough and my skin is amazingly soft (must have been the baking soda bath).  But the nausea is gone, praise the Lord!

Now, I am working toward eating better and getting more sleep.  I will work on the food part first as the sleep thing is harder for me.

So, to all those friends at the picnic on Sunday night that were praying for me, thank you!

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