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Monday, May 31, 2010

Toning up with shoes???

Normally, I would be skeptical of this:

Shoes that tone your muscles.

No, really.  My friend arrived in Sketcher's Shape Up Shoes about a month ago.  I had seen mention of them somewhere, but didn't know where. I found a generic version at K-Mart that was $20 instead of $90.  Let me tell, if you are out of shape like me with a big, wobbly, bowl-full-of-jelly tummy, these might help.

I have been doing some "toning exercises" lately, but I think the shoes are responsible for the 12.5" reduction from my body in 3 weeks!!!  I haven't lost much weight, okay, 45 lbs in 1 year, but that is post-partum weight. 

So, ladies (and men), they also:
  • Decrease Stress On Knee & Hip Joints by 19%
  • Increase Buttock Muscle Activity by 9%, Rear Thigh Muscle by 19%, Lower Limbs by 18%
  • Improve Posture & Gait, Tones & Shapes The Body, Activates Neglected Muscles
  • Can Help With Joint, Muscle, Ligament & Tendon Injuries, Back, Hip, Leg & Foot Problems
    So, if you have joint or foot problems or just want to tone up, go check them out!

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Nicole wore a brand new pair of sandals that do the same thing at the conference this weekend. She said she was skeptical at first, too, but by the end of Friday night, she was really feeling it.

    2. They are strangely addictive to wear...I WANT to wear them more than any pair of shoes I've ever owned. It's weird!

    3. You mentioned a $20 generic at Kmart. What's their brand name? Do you know if they make them for men or only women - my feet are so wide, I usually wear men's shoes :)

    4. Check out therashoes.com They do make men's shoes, but I didn't check to see if Kmart carried the men's. Good luck!