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Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's a tool, not a gadget!

I am a recovering Pampered Chef consultant. My motto, when I was practicing, was, "It's a tool, not a gadget!"

I am the queen of my kitchen and I have almost ALL of the Pampered Chef products I earned as a consultant. One of those products we use regularly around our house is the cheese grater. The little boys LOVE it. Do you have one? Do you have an infant eating baby food? We are moving to textures and I discovered I can serve the Wee One whatever we are having by simply putting it in the hopper of the Cheese Grater (using the larger grater cylinder) and grind her food to a very nice texture for an 8 month old.

So there you have it! You didn't need to buy ANY product from me and you got a free idea!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Great idea! We have one very similar. We called it our dairy free cheese grater because we've always used it with goat cheese.

    I had never thought of using it for anything but cheese! The wheels are turning in my brain here......


  2. It also works for graham cracker crumbs (great toddler job). You can have one for making soap, if you make home made soap. We have also used it for ham for ham salad.