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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Project Fair

The Little Woman, Little Princess and I are all abuzz making bread for our home school project fair. Most notably, we'll be bringing samples. Most desired bread, we bet, will be the chocolate bread. Little Woman gave up chocolate for lent, so she's talked me into saving one of the three loaves for us for breakfast tomorrow.

I must admit, I tasted the dough and it's not super sweet - just 2/3 c. honey for 3 1-lb loaves. But the amount of chocolate is INCREDIBLE!!!! It took 4 oz. of melted chocolate, 1 c. of cocoa and 5 oz. of chocolate finely chopped for 3 loaves. Oh, and we used Ghiradelli brand bittersweet chocolate. We've opted to shape them as couronnes (crowns) as this is truly the king or queen of breads. I will post pictures later.

We're also going to make samples of the basic white and light wheat. We'll make 2 loaves of several shapes to serve as samples. We're even bringing a toaster oven to warm the bread before we serve it.

The girlies are having fun. Little Princess really only wants to mix the dough, taste the dough and be the hostess with the mostest serving it tomorrow. Little Woman was in olfactory heaven smelling the chocolate dough. She almost dove into it. She loves the texture of dough (I do not). She made some beautiful loaves. They are at various stages of rising and resting and I will be doing the baking. I still think 9 is too young to be putting dough into a 450 degree oven.

Pictures for you later...

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