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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Foolin'!

Subtitled: How to get Daddy to eat meatloaf
First, you start off by making grape jello in a drinking glass the night before and hand it to Dad in the morning saying it's juice with which he can take his morning medicine. This throws him off because he thinks your tricks are over for the day.
Next, you spend most of the day cooking and having fun with the kids. The menu?

Steak fries (sugar cookies, sprinkled well with sugar to look like salt)

Mixed veggies (peas=Skittles with the s carefully washed off, carrot slices=Starbursts warmed in the microwave then smooshed on the diagonal and corn=Starbursts warmed in the microwave that have been cut and shaped by hand)

Hamburgers on buns (the buns are yellow cake made in tuna fish sized cans and the burgers were actually brownies baked flat, then cut out with the same sized can) Don't forget the condiments (kiwi for pickles and strawberry jam/syrup mix for ketchup)

And finally, frosted brownies for dessert (mashed potatoes colored with gravy and meatloaf).

We don't know what we'll do this year, but beware Daddy!

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