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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Star

Last night, while sicker than a dog, I had the pleasure of attending my son's Boy Scout Court of Honor in which he advanced to Star rank.  Life and Eagle...those are next.  I was equally as proud to be there to see all my husband had accomplished as Scout Master.   His unit earned the Gold Level Journey to Excellence badge, which is NOT a small feat.  I also found out that for thirteen years, this unit has earned the award for the Most Catholic Boy Scout Troop within our Archdiocese.
Anyway, here is the money shot. My Star Scout is on the left and Scoutmaster Husband is behind me.  I think now, looking at this picture, that in order to advance to the rank of Star you must ALSO be taller than your mother.

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  1. That's awesome! Both the part about your son, your husband, and their troop AND the line about the moms!

    Not so awesome about your being sick, though. Praying you feel better soon.