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Friday, May 27, 2011

Poor Wayfaring Stranger

My brother-in-law passed away 51 days ago and I still cry about it.  He was a beautiful man, father and husband.   I met John in concert choir.  He was my dance partner in several songs in Swing Choir.   He was a Senior when I was a Sophomore and he made the transition from middle school to high school easier by befriending me.  I introduced him to my older sister.  They hit it off, got married and had five beautiful kids.

John was humble and giving.  When asked how he was, he often replied, "Better than I deserve."  We could all learn a little something from his humility.  John's life wasn't about calling attention to himself or his accomplishments.  It was about quietly doing what needed to be done, often secretly and humbly serving God, by serving others.  Sometimes I just need a reminder of what life is REALLY about.  It's not about what you have here, but your journey to heaven.  I love this video.  I hope you enjoy it, too.

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