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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Economy of Scale

Today, as I waded through the laundry tasks here, I needed something "mental" to do. Here is the Math I did in my head.  Each week I do:
  • 56 pairs of pants (or skirts)
  • 112 socks
  • 56+ pairs of underwear
  • 16 pairs of pajamas (easily with the bed wetting that happens)
  • 10-16 undershirts
  • 14 bras
  • 60 or so tops(including layers, on occasion)
  • 3 sets of sheets (I alternate and do half one week and other the next) or more depending on accidents or sickness
  • 20 or so bath towels
  • 14-21 hand towels
  • 14 dish cloths
  • 2 large table cloths
  • the occasional stuffed animal
  • coats (usually once a month or as needed)

Thank the Lord for large capacity appliances!

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  1. HA! Love this! I once read about a mom of many who hung an old washboard in her laundry room to remind herself that whatever she is doing in there has got to be better than the washboard days. We have a bit more laundry here with 1 more kid, but she's on the older end - which gives me one more helper!