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Monday, March 1, 2010

Upcoming Post - the Move!

After many tears and discussions, we decided to move our home school to

are you ready for this?

to our Family Room. Yes, I do have the best husband in the world that is so insistent on doing what is best for the kids (and his sobby wife) that he suggested the family room.

You see, I was thinking about moving everything back down to the basement. I would have done it in a heartbeat, but he reminded me of why it didn't work in the past (and he was right).

My husband is my voice of reason. We have a very good marriage. One of the most important things my husband does for me is to slow me down. My processing speed is pretty fast, meaning I think something through, devise a plan of action and then execute usually before the average person has thought about it. It's a very bad trait some of the times and a very good trait other times. It's also pretty jarring for most people. Most people are not prepared for the speed at which I move and thankfully, my husband is, well, most of the time. One of his most important character traits is his adaptability.

Well, I digress...so, shortly I will post pictures of the new "Learning Room" as my husband has renamed our former Family Room. Stay tuned.


  1. Processing speed. Heh. Cathie "Teraflops" B.

  2. gee I wonder where you learned that from... maybe your mom... many people dont understand me also because of the way I do things just like that... love ya girl... and I am so glad you have a centering husband... hugs from me
    Momma Barbara