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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Speaking of weight loss...

Are you wondering what I'm talking about? Erin over at Bearing Blog has a REALLY great series on weight loss that I've followed for the last year. After a visit to the doctor yesterday with my beloved Dr. Ade and seeing my OB's GREAT nurse, Barb, I found out that nursing moms can eat as little as 1200 calories a day.

One of the things Dr. Ade suggested was NOT drinking milk, but water, instead. I'm not much of a water drinker or milk drinker. Sadly, I was drinking 3 cans of DIET COKE a day! Bad, bad, bad. I have been reading a ton about how bad DC is for you, including exacerbating ADD (a problem I've had all my life) and affecting bone density. So, I'm cutting back. Here's what I'm trying to do. I am trying to wean myself, which is hard when you have a newborn. Coffee doesn't do much for me anymore. I need caffeine. I'm looking for some alternative.

My hubby drinks Awake , which he swears by for both morning and after lunch grogginess. I, alas, cannot use awake because it has fish byproducts in it. Oh, I guess I could try. The EPI PEN shot would really help keep me awake, wouldn't it? HAHA...okay, not so funny. But, the key to Awake is the ingredients. No caffeine, just vitamins and amino acids. Interestingly enough, B12 is one of those vitamins. My beloved Dr. Ade thinks that I might be deficient. If a shot of B12 will help, bring it on.

Anyway, I'm down 9lbs from 6 weeks ago and I am going to work VERY hard at changing my habits (another thing Erin and I have talked much about). I have a BMI of 34, folks. That puts me at OBESE. I have 25 lbs to go just to not be OBESE. Now before everyone starts the, "Oh, but you just had a baby..." stuff, please keep in mind I lost 72 lbs post partum with Little Woman. She was a crazy nurser, every 2 hours 'til she was 2. Maybe that's how I lost 72 lbs! But, don't worry. I will not let the Wee One suffer. I monitor output almost as religiously as they do with newborns, so I won't let her be effected. Anyway, she sleeps through the night already (good from a rest perspective, bad from a fertility perspective) and nurses hourly during the day. I don't follow a schedule, but feed on demand. She has rolls and a double chin, so, trust me, I will not lose weight at her expense.

So, I'm sorry, but I will probably bore you with posts about weight loss. When I lost 72 pounds previously, it was using Gwen Shamblin's Weighdown Workshop. I liked the program, but didn't like her very much. Her religious beliefs, while Christian, did not include belief in the Holy Spirit. My faith firmly believes in the Trinity. But, that doesn't dismiss how good her program was. It was faith based and sound. She is a registered dietitian. Her program did not include exercise. I liked that part of it because, Little Woman was a needy baby. It wasn't easy finding time when she needed to nurse every 2 hours and Little Man was not even 2 yet. So, this fit. Wee One does need to nurse regularly and Tinkerdoodle still needs me much, being a little over two, so I'm going her route this time. I will exercise WHEN I CAN, but, it won't be as much a part of my weight loss as it was Erin's.

Oh, and the excessive posting today is again in thanks to Dr. Ade. I now have a nifty new wrist brace to help with my CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) and typing is possible now without pain or problems!

Stay tuned for more...


  1. Hey, boring my readers with weight loss posts worked for me. That's all I'm saying.

  2. Hold it. Are you saying I'm boring???? JK!