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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting ready for baby

I'm not only lucky because I'm being given the opportunity to hold one of God's greatest blessings VERY SOON, my mom is here...

What does that mean? I have help and so does the rest of the family. She moved to Tucson in September and I have missed her! She's like me. She doesn't sit down, unless it's with a good book ;-). So, she's helping to do laundry, cook, clean. You know, the stuff I get behind on when I'm trying to get school done and kids occupied (and, honestly, get distracted)...

Speaking of which, I'm distracted. How could I not be with this huge weight stuck on my front! The little girl I'm carrying is big. VERY big and I can't wait to meet her, which is distracting. So, I'm glad my mom is here...she keeps me focused, actually.

So, I'm getting ready. Today I will make a list or two of meals I want to prepare ahead. Mom and the boss will be going to pick up an additional freezer for us so I have someplace to put things.

So, based on what my OB said last week, I will probably be induced next Tuesday or Wednesday. So, that gives me one week...to get ready.

I'll share what I'm making tomorrow (OR later today if I have the time.)

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